About Us

Mission Statement

Pure-Light Technologies mission is to introduce this new technology into homes and businesses that strive for superior environmental cleanliness.


About Us

The basis of Pure-Light Technologies was started in 2012 after helping to develop a transparent coating of a new formulation of Titanium Dioxide (TiO₂) that allows for the TiO₂ photo catalytic action in visible spectrum light that would last up to 5+ years on light emitting devices.  Ten years later those formulations were developed enough so that Pure-Light Technologies has received four distinct patents on the this amazing formula and it's uses, with several more patents in the works. The name was originally Total Solar Super Green, but was changed to Pure-Light Technologies, Inc. in October of 2015.  The name was further changed in March 2024 to Pure-Light Technologies Group. 

In addition to the lab studies currently available on our website, plans are continuing to quantify the specific influence that a Pure-Light coated bulb can have on the air and surfaces in a room for specific bacteria, mold, and viruses, allergens, deadly gasses, and other harmful substances. 

To date over ten thousand individuals, schools, medical facilities, government buildings, restaurants, day care centers, assisted living facilities across the United States have been excited and amazed by the Super-Oxygen bulbs we provide.