A $1,000,000 Air-Surface-Environment cleansing + detox + purification system used in the International Space Station for over 26 years, improved, made to last longer, patented and integrated into specially prepared LED light bulbs for use by the public here on earth.

More 5 Star Reviews

  • "I have been using Pure-Light bulbs in my office for, gosh, over 7 or 8 years. One Pure-Light bulb is all I use to light up the whole room. It's perfect for the way I work, as it does not add any strain on my eyes as I work on the computer. I have tried every kind of light bulb before, and Pure-Light is the only one for me."   Peter M Palm Coast, FL
  • "My dad freaked out when I brought a ferret (and the ferret cage) into my bedroom. It was a gift for his grandaughter (that made it worse). If you don't know, ferrets stink! He negotiated that we put Pure-Light bulb in the room and that we keep that light on as many hours as we could every day. (with a blanket over the cage to let the ferret rest. Dad was right! That single Pure-light bulb reduced the odor."  Anonymous (because I admitted my Dad was right) Hastings, FL
  • "We put the Pure-Light Bulbs in the kitchen as we cook a bunch of fish. the Pure-Light bulbs help reduce the odors, plus they provide great light. It looks like daylight all the time." Arlene B.  Flagler Beach, FL
  • My teenage grandson has allergies and he lives to stay in his man-cave in the basement.The basement sometimes would have a moldy smell, so I added a few Pure-Light bulbs and the mold smell went away. he doesn't have the sniffles anymore either. Thanks Pure-Light!" Grandma Mary Long Island, NY
  • "I live in Florida. My jeep window must have been open during a rainstorm and the inside got really wet. I didn't realize it until a few days later, and whew! the smell was bad and everywhere. I ran an extension cord and a lamp with a Pure-Light bulb into the jeep and let it stay on for a day or so and the odors went away. I was really impressed."  Rob R. St Augustine, FL
  • "My daughter went to college and the dorm rooms had poor ventilation. She was complaining about a foul smelling moldy odor that gave her a headache. She was having a really hard time with it. My neighbor told me about Pure-Light bulbs and we got four of them for her dorm room.  We told her it's OK to leave them on even when she was not in the room and boy did it make a difference."    Deanna D Tampa Bay, FL
  • "Before using Pure-Light Bulbs in my home, every winter everyone would come down with colds, or have runny noses.  I may be a coincidence, but since Pure-Light bulbs, we notice that we don't catch colds as often." Frank Kankakee, IL
  • "It's hard to tell, but after replacing the light bulbs in my house with Pure-Light Bulbs, my electricity bill is steady, even after the rate increases. I really think Pure-Light bulbs are saving me money." Tiffany R Summerville,SC
  • "The cat litter box in my home has always been an issue with the rest of the family. I know why. It smells. Interestingly, I moved it to a room with a Pure-Light bulb, and it really helps remove that smell!" Vincent Ft Collins, CO
  • "My parents actually don't yell at me when I leave the lights on! They Love Pure-Light.I get the Pure-Light lecture all the time, and I get it."  Jules D. Clearwater, FL