About Us


Mission Statement

Pure-Light Technologies mission is to introduce this new patented technology into homes and businesses that strive for superior environmental cleanliness.   We believe that this technology can literally change the world for the better, improving the way we work, play, and live. 

We also believe, and are working hard to make it happen, that in the near future, every home in the world could have 3-12 Pure-Light products helping to make their lives better. 



The basis of Pure-Light Technologies was started in 2011 after starting experimenting with developing a superior formulation of Titanium Dioxide (TiO₂) coating that allows for the TiO₂ photo catalytic action in visible spectrum light that would last up to 5+ years on light emitting devices. 

It took over 10 years and the help of a Senior NASA Research Scientist who specialized in coatings to develop those formulations so that Pure-Light Technologies has received four distinct patents on this amazing formula and it's uses, with several more patents in the works. 

The name was originally Total Solar Super Green, but was changed to Pure-Light Technologies, Inc. in October of 2015. 

The name was further changed in March 2024 to Pure-Light Technologies Group. 



Over the last several years as Pure-Light Technologies has worked on developing formulas, manufacturing processes, equipment, marketing techniques, there have been $1,928,000 million in sales from 100,000 light bulbs sold to over 10,000 customers throughout North America. 

To date over ten thousand individuals, schools, medical facilities, government buildings, restaurants, day care centers, assisted living facilities, universities, and businesses across the United States have been excited and amazed by the Super-Oxygen technology.